Homo Ludens – Adrian Wykrota

Homo Ludens (Playing Man) this conception of man, presented by Johan Huizinga, assuming that the basis of human activity is a fun, game and competition.

Ludic culture (from the Latin – ludus – a fun, game), characteristic of various phenomena of pop culture, meaning spontaneous serve to play, understood as a celebration, way of leisure. Ludic behaviour is opposed to what is official, universally valid, accessible only to the elite; turn adopted system of cultural values.

Often, the publications relating to contemporary culture, draws attention to the fact that the postmodern man remains only a fun, game, irony. Authorities have fallen, “the end of grand narratives” took place, the truth of the truth has been denied, the history has been stripped of meaning, twilight of the gods has collapsed and all that is human, ceased to be foreign.

The project involves the visual presentation of Poles appointing approach to the culture of fun and celebration.



Weekend Sports – Adrian Wykrota

The project involves the documentation of the phenomenon of the amateur sport popularity growth in Poland.


Helpful – Adrian Wykrota

Helpful is a series of photographs taken during extreme run Runmageddon Recruit Poznan in November 2015.