Bolesław Augustis

Augustis took photos by commission, he photographed important moments in the life of the city (e.g. demonstrations). Though most of his work consisted of portraits of people walking the streets of Bialystok...


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Zofia Chomętowska

Chomętowska debuted at the Polish General Exhibition in Poznań in 1929, although it's likely she showed a film there rather than her photography. Most of her preserved work is from the turn of the 1920's and 30's, unique documentary material recorded in Pathé Baby 9.5 mm film format...



Bogdan Dziworski

Dziworski is a photographer, camera operator, director and script writer. Born in 1941 in Łódź, he graduated in Cinematography from PWSTiF in 1965. Lecturer and Dean of the Faculty of Radio and Television at the 
University of Silesia and the Warsaw Film School...


Zdjęcia: Mariusz Forecki:

Mariusz Forecki

Documentary photographer engaged in personal projects dealing with social issues. He has held several exhibitions in Poland and abroad and has participated in, among others, the Dutch Noorderlicht Festival, the Prague Photography Biennale, the Month of Photography in Bratislava and the Poznan Photography Biennial.



Włodek Krzemiński

Wlodzimierz Krzeminski was born in 1953. A member of the Warsaw Photographic Association since 1979 and the Association of Polish Art Photographers since 1987. Graduate of Film, Television and Photography from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan...



Stanisław Kulawiak

Kulawiak has been photographing since 1974, first as head of the Student Photographic Agency, then 2 years later, he co-founded the Creative Group SEM and the Photography Gallery “Jaszczurowa”. In 1980 he became a member of ZPAF (the Association of Polish Art Photographers)...



Włodek Pniewski

Graduate in Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. Photoreporter for “Zycie i Zdrowie”, “Na Przelaj” and “ITD”. Published in many newspapers in Poland and abroad. Also featured in the quarterly journal “FOTOGRAFIA”, weekly “Polityka”, “Der Spiegel”, Alta Vista, Die Tages Spiegel, Die Zeit and Diario16. Co-author of many magazines, books and CD covers...



Tadeusz Rolke

Born in 1929 in Warsaw, he bought his first camera in the early 1940’s. His first shots were of the Polish capital struck by war. After the war, he studied History of Art at the Catholic University in Lublin. For many years he worked as a photojournalist for a variety of Polish newspapers and magazines...



Marian Schmidt

Born in 1945 in Zyrardow. Polish photographer founder of a humanistic photography revival in Poland. Considered by many to be a master of composition. He believes in a pure way of seeing: getting rid of stresses beforehand and a total concentration and absence of unnecessary thoughts while taking photographs. Any individual form of meditation helps.



Tomasz Tomaszewski

Graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Member of ZPAF, the Visum Archiv in Hamburg, the Image Collection in Washington and the American Society of Magazine Photographers. Specialises in press photography and publishes his work in highly prestigious magazines worldwide, including Stern, Paris Match, GEO, New York Times, Time, Fortune, Vogue, Die Zeit and Elle...